Welcome to Corporate Placements.  Corporate Placements is a boutique staffing organization that started over 16 years ago and is dedicated to providing unparalleled service to both our clients and candidates.

We have streamlined the traditional “job hunting” process and revolutionized it into a positive and personal career path experience.

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Corporate Placements engage across all levels of social media making it easy  for job seekers to apply and keep posted about all our latest jobs.

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With over 16 years’ experience in servicing the Cape Town market, we offer jobs across a broad spectrum.

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We offer our services to a wide range of corporate clients from large internationals to medium and progressive small businesses.

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Our process is quick, easy and free.  Send your CV to anne@corporateplacements.co.za or melanie@corporateplacements.co.za  and browse our selection of jobs to find the one that looks dreamy to you!